FEM Liver
I an involved in the development of several publicly distributed open source softwares:
  • SOFA: an ambitious collaborative framework primarily targeted at real-time simulation, with an emphasis on medical simulation. It is mostly intended for the research community to help develop newer algorithms, but can also be used as an efficient prototyping tool.
  • FlowVR: a middleware library supporting the development and execution of large scale virtual reality applications distributed on clusters and grids. This constitutes the main contribution of my PhD work. I designed and implemented most of the low-level execution environment.
  • FlowVR Render: set of modules and filters on top of FlowVR for distributed rendering.
Other (un-maintained) pieces of software are also available:
  • Net Juggler: a software framework on top of VR Juggler for cluster-based VR application. I designed and implemented it in collaboration with Loïck Lecointre during an research intership at LIFO.
  • SoftGenLock: a low-level tool to implement genlock and active stereo on standard graphics cards using a simple parallel-port based synchronization protocol.
  • Source Codes: small C++ and OpenGL programs.
Last modification: August 01 2012.