Source Codes

This page is a repository of all source codes I put online over the last few years. If you find anything useful please tell me!


left In 2001 I implemented a real-time fur effect with per-pixel lighting using the NVIDIA register combiner OpenGL extension. It earned the first place in the NVIDIA/Discreet Shaders Contest! The algorithm used is based on J. Lengyel, E. Praun, A. Finkelstein, H. Hoppe: Real-time fur over arbitrary surfaces. ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics 2001, 227-232.

right A few very simple OpenGL programs are available with my introductory OpenGL slides here.
down Most of the other programs were done for various online contexts while I was learning OpenGL:

These programs appear in the book K. Hawkins, D. Astle, A. LaMothe: OpenGL Game Programming, Premier Press, May 2002.
A few effects were ported to Linux screensavers by Tugrul Galatali and are available on a few distributions in the package rss_glx.


left Dr. Jobb's Journal organized a Mars Rescue Programming Contest in January 2005 and I submitted an entry which was among the winning ones :)

It is a simple path planning program precomputing distance maps (shown in the picture) for each objective to accelerate the search.

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