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Fur Effect With Dynamic Per-Pixel Lighting
02/18/2007 Back online at new server

After years of downtime from planet-d.net server, I moved my old website to http://codrt.fr/hufo/. However, it will stay mostly unchanged for the time being, while I try to keep my reseach website updated...

07/12/2004 New Research Papers and Videos

I just added two new research papers. The first one is about realtime reconstruction of the user with several cameras, a pc cluster, displayed in a virtual environment with a 16 videoprojectors display walls. Some videos are available. The second one is about FlowVR, a middleware for virtual reality applications distributed on clusters and grids. This is the main subject of my thesis so you can expect to see more about it later!

04/16/2004 Something New!

I left this website alone the last few years but I'm trying to add a little bit of life in it. I added a Documents section containing misc texts and papers. For now I added a novel I wrote in high-school. It ranked 7th in a national high-school novel contest. So if you can read french please enjoy Le petit tas de neige ;)

01/24/2003 Linux Screen Savers

Tugrul Galatali ported 2 of my OpenGL demo into Linux screensavers. They are available here.

11/21/2002 New Graphic Design

I've just modified the graphics of the website. I'm now working on updating the content...

02/17/2002 WestEnd Final Version

I uploaded the final version of my new demo. Go grab it here and have fun :)

09/07/2001 Little Depth of Field and Motion Blur Demo Posted

You can find a little demo showing Depth of Field here (600KB)
You can look at this screenshot:

Note: this is a technical demo, it is not user friendly...

06/25/2001 Great News :-)

I won NVIDIA Shader Contest with this effect:

Go here for the details (source code + binary available).

04/04/2001 Update

Updated Status Report in VR section.
Added section Links / Greets.

03/16/2001 Update

Updated Status Report in VR section.
Added "Tank Rocket", "Tank Battle", "Teddy Bear" and "Funky Lines" OpenGL prods.

03/14/2001 Virtual Reality Section Added

This section contains informations on what fills my days now...

03/12/2001 Site Redesign

This site has a new look (better?) :)
I added a random screenshot with link to my prods.
There is some problems with Netscape that needs to be corrected...

12/03/2000 Childbone Final Version

The final version of my last demo Childbone is available here!
Changes: mainly bug fixes.

12/03/2000 No more Tutorials Section

I don't have enough time to maintain this section, that's why I deleted it.
I'm currently thinking of a new "OGL Code" section with a repository of classes for faster opengl effects coding, I think it will be more interesting and more helpful :)

09/06/2000 Update

Added sections News, Tutorials, Pro.
Added "Childbone" demo, "Tunnel Rebirth" and "Crystal Reflections" OpenGL productions.

06/21/2000 Opening

This site is online with my productions.
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