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Demos and Demoscene in general are one of my big hobbies.
I'm in a little demomakers group called N.A.A.

Date: 1998
Place: JFF Convention 98
Rank: 1st
For the moment I've done with my group N.A.A. only one demo: Darkness.
It was my first important project that's why there are some bugs. But I'm proud of this demo because it has lots of graphical effects.
There is a big bug of screen synchronisation on some video cards. I'm sorry for that...
Code: Hufo & Pras / N.A.A.
Graph: MaMe & Pras / N.A.A.
Zik: ZooM / N.A.A.
1st part (3d & fire)
2nd part (voxel)
3rd part (blobs & tunnel)
The End.

Download: dark.zip (2.61MB) Note: Requires DOS environment...
DivX Version: darkness-divx.avi (61 MB)
Higher quality H-264 Version: darkness-h264.avi (61 MB)

Date: 2000
Place: LTP4
Rank: 8e / 20
This is the second demo I've done with my group N.A.A.
This demo use a 3D engine that support OpenGL and Direct3D, it should run on most 3D card.
You don't need to have a high-end system to watch this demo (not like other 3d demo that need a geforce to run smoothly).
The engine have been tested on: Rage Pro, Rage 128, G200, G400, TNT, GeForce, GeForce2.
You need 64MB of RAM (the demo allocate 12MB, other memory is used by textures, driver and windows).
At first we created this demo in order to use the only one motion capture anim I've succeeded to calculate (more on this later :) ).
For the code, the engine is very developped. It support: OpenGL and Direct3D, hierarchical animations, lighting, quaternions, frustrum culling, OpenGL extensions (gl_ext_lock_array, gl_ext_fog_coord), flares, particules, volumetric fog, fade out / crossfade / deformations transitions.
Code : Hufo / N.A.A.
Title gfx : MaMe / N.A.A.
Music,Dancer,Skeleton : ZooM / N.A.A.
Modeling, Animation, End gfx : Ben / N.A.A.
Texturing,modeling, dance : FreeMan 103683 / N.A.A.
BASS player : Ian Luck
JCALG1 compression library : Jeremy Collake
First scene, "the catacombes"
Logo, made by MaMe
Other scenes
Deformation effect
Greetz, with environnement mapping + (faked) reflection
motion capture anim (not easy to see on a picture :) ) + graph by Ben
The End.

The final version is released :-). Mirrors should be available soon...
naa_childbone_final.zip (9,5 MB)

It is also downloadable from scene.org servers:
Holland: ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/demos/groups/naa/naa_childbone_final.zip (9,5 MB)
Holland: ftp://ftp.nl.scene.org/pub/demos/groups/naa/naa_childbone_final.zip (9,5 MB)
Japan: ftp://ftp.jp.scene.org/pub/scene/demos/groups/naa/naa_childbone_final.zip (9,5 MB)

Date: 2001
Place: SLACH 3
Rank: 3e / 3
On this demo we only cared about what we wanted to do.
I told the artists (Freeman and Ben) that there are no more limits (as max 10000 poly/scene in Childbone), so most of the scenes have more that 100000 polys, with multitexturing, bump-mapping, and sometimes motion blur, dynamic shadows or depth-of-field.
That's why you need at least a geforce 2 to run it.
The 3d engine only supports OpenGL with NVIDIA extensions. Sorry for the others, I don't have time to support other graphic cards, and opengl2 is not available yet...
If you want to see the demo but you don't have the hardware, there is a DivX version available that work everywhere.
Code, Voice : Hufo / N.A.A.
Loading & Guitar Music : GuRu / N.A.A.
Modeling, Animation, Voice : Ben / N.A.A.
Modeling, Animation, Texturing, Voice : FreeMan 103683 / N.A.A.
Main Title Music : Ennio Morricone
Action Music : Propellerheads
BASS player : Ian Luck

naa_westend_final.zip (11,5 MB)
DivX Version:
naa_westend_divx.avi (36 MB)

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